Our all services/software will be rendered/ delivered online.


Please don’t expect any physical delivery.

You can get your quotes by calling us and our agent will time to time discuss you or show you progress of project online.

We do not guarantee the time frame for any project to be done as we always want to do it asap but it depends on various factors.

You are only entitled for a Full-Refund if the project  gone wrong or it is not as per your requirement described in early meeting (if claimed within 15-days from the date of completion of project).

Further, in such case, Refund is entitled if and only if you have officially communicated to SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS via email or phone within 15-days from the date of completion of project and the technical team has verified that your project is not as per described. When these requirements are met then only Full-Refund is entitled.


You accept that in no case Refund Matter is escalated to any legal entity or body in your jurisdiction.


Note: Email or phone for the Refund Communication is available on the website.

We, SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS guarantee that situation of a Refund will seldomly arise. It is a rare case with us. We ensure you that our product, service, and assistance will never let you knock the doors of Refund.