Privacy Policy

SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS will retain your personal data for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in the Privacy Policy which is available on the official website of SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS.
You accept that SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS can’t specify the period for which your personal data will be retained.
SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS will destroy or de-identify your personal data if it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected or disclosed in terms of applicable law.

Warranty policy

SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS represent and warrant that we have the right to license the licensed software/services and that the licensed software will operate substantially.
You acknowledge that the software/services cannot be guaranteed error-free.

You acknowledge that such error or errors shall not constitute a breach of the agreement. And that SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS is not liable for any kind of the liabilities arising out from such errors.

You acknowledge that you have exercised independent judgment in acquiring/purchasing the services /software. And that you are not under any false influence of any representative or publicity materials produced by SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS.

You accept that no warranties are demanded except if it is w.r.t the breach of terms & conditions as defined in this policy.

Shipping / Return / Refund Policy

Our all services/software will be rendered/ delivered online.

Please don’t expect any physical delivery.
You can get your quotes by calling us and our agent will time to time discuss you or show you progress of project online.
We do not guarantee the time frame for any project to be done as we always want to do it asap but it depends on various factors.
You are only entitled for a Full-Refund if the project gone wrong or it is not as per your requirement described in early meeting (if claimed within 15-days from the date of completion of project).

Further, in such case, Refund is entitled if and only if you have officially communicated to SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS via email or phone within 15-days from the date of completion of project and the technical team has verified that your project is not as per described. When these requirements are met then only Full-Refund is entitled.

You accept that in no case Refund Matter is escalated to any legal entity or body in your jurisdiction.

Note: Email or phone for the Refund Communication is available on the website.

We, SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS guarantee that situation of a Refund will seldomly arise. It is a rare case with us. We ensure you that our product, service, and assistance will never let you knock the doors of Refund.



Terms defined below are forming part of the Terms and Condition and have the meaning there specified. Any contrary intention will be defined and expressed as and when needed.
EULA means the End User License Agreement.
Licensed Software / Services means SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS repair / Services that are licensed for on-premise installation or use. Such software / Services are to be acquired or purchased by you through or at our registered Online Portal as follows:
Licensee means YOU – who have purchased the software / Services from SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS.

Software / Services
SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS will send email communication to your registered email address as soon as you make a purchase. This particular email contains a software / Services detail along with product / services guide, manual, and a unique software license key in case of software.
Further, SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS Experts are dedicated to you. You can get support or assistance whenever is required within the subscription period.
Note – Assistance is provided for no fee till the subscription Period is expired during business hours.
Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability
You accept that any kind of liability arises under a non-excludable statutory provision; SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS disclaims all terms & conditions to the licensed software or services whether express or implied by any means by you. You also accept that nothing in this Terms and Condition is intended to exclude or modify any non-excludable statutory right or liability.
However, the liability of SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS with respect to any claim or law shall be limited to the repair or replacement of goods or payment of the cost of the same. In the case of services, the re-supply of those services or the payment of the cost of the same.
Subject to this Terms and Condition
SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS grants you a non-transferable and non-exclusive license.
The sole purpose of the grant of the Licensed Software or service is for leveraging the functionalities and utilities of the software or services for personal or enterprise benefit.
Any kind of commercial benefit arising from reselling or redistribution of this software or services is legally restricted.
Further, this software or services are allowed to be installed and used at the Permitted Number of devices.

As an alternative, you may install a copy of the Licensed Software on a networked device, such as a server computer, to permit other Devices to access and use that copy of the Licensed Software or service over a private network provided that the total number of devices on which the Licensed Software or service is so installed or used does not exceed the Permitted Number.

Note: If an additional copy of the Licensed Software is installed then you don’t have any rights, or, is permitted to simultaneously use the Software on both the first and second device.
SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS retains all intellectual property rights in the Licensed Software or services.

Updates and Upgrades
Updates and upgrades of the Licensed Software or service will be provided by SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS as and when they become available. You accept that there are possibilities that Update and Upgrade come at a reasonable fee. In such scenarios, you are required/obliged to pay the fee of an Update and Upgrade.
Maintenance and Training
SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS will provide maintenance services for the Licensed Software as and when requested by you. Mode of Maintenance and Training will be telephonic or via electronic mail during normal business hours.

You accept that there are possibilities for a reasonable fee in providing training to you or your representatives concerning the use of this Licensed Software in case of no warranty remains.


This Terms and Condition commences upon the execution of your permission. It shall continue for the Term as per the Warranty Period selected by you.
This Terms and Condition shall automatically / Manually renew for a period equal to the Term (Further Term) in case you apply for the Renewal of Software / Services, OR, Acquiring New Software License Key at the end of the previous Term or Warranty Period. This new Term will be equal to Warranty Period as selected by you while making a Renewal.

You accept that the License Fee payable for Further Term may be increased by SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS.
SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS is not liable for any notice or communication of such price increase to you.
SILVER VALLEY EXPERTS reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately if the licensee breach the Terms and condition.
THE LICENSEE will indemnity for all loss, damage or expense caused by the licensee’s breach Terms and condition.