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Warranty Policy

Silver Valley Experts represent and warrant that we have the right to license the licensed software and that the licensed software will operate substantially.

You acknowledge that the licensed software cannot be guaranteed error-free.

You acknowledge that such error or errors shall not constitute a breach of the agreement. And that Silver Valley Experts is not liable for any kind of the liabilities arising out from such errors.

You acknowledge that you have exercised independent judgment in acquiring/purchasing the licensed software. And that you are not under any false influence of any representative or publicity materials produced by Silver Valley Experts.

You accept that no warranties are demanded except if it is w.r.t the breach of terms & conditions as defined in this policy.

Privacy Policy

Silver Valley Experts will retain your personal data for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in the Privacy Policy which is available on the official website of Silver Valley Experts.

You accept that Silver Valley Experts can’t specify the period for which your personal data will be retained.

Silver Valley Experts will destroy or de-identify your personal data if it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected or disclosed in terms of applicable law.

Shipping / Return / Refund Policy

Our all software’s or services are subject to email delivery only so don’t expect any physical delivery or parcel.

On the actual purchase of the software or on subscription of our any existing plan , you are entitled for a Full-Refund (if claimed within 15-days from the date of purchase).

The Refund can only be claimed when you have made a purchase but have not activated the License or have utilized our Leads or services for 15 days from the date of purchase.


Further, in such case, Refund is entitled if and only if you have officially communicated to Silver Valley Experts via email or phone within 15-days from the date of purchase; and the technical team has verified that you have not activated the License or have utilized our Leads or services from the date of your purchase of the software or services. When both these requirements are met then only Full-Refund is entitled.

You accept that in no case Refund Matter is escalated to any legal entity or body in your jurisdiction.

Note: Email or phone for the Refund Communication is available on the website.

We, Silver Valley Experts guarantee that situation of a Refund will seldomly arise. It is a rare case with us. We ensure you that our product, service, and assistance will never let you knock the doors of Refund.